Boston Cream Delight Recipe

Boston Cream Delight – a combination inspired by my Hubby’s two favorite desserts! You will love this recipe!

Boston Cream Delight Boston Cream Delight Recipe

Recently, we celebrated my Hubby’s birthday. Every year I give him the standard: what would you like for your birthday? question. And usually he will have a specific request. This year: surprise me! was the answer.

One the actual day, the kiddos and I made my Eggless Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting – one of our favorites! There were candles and singing and lots of fun. For the whole family get-together I wanted to make something special and unique and this dessert was born. A combination of my Hubby’s two favorite desserts: Boston Cream Pie and Cherry Delight.

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Skinny Peanut Butter Cup Dip Recipe

Skinny Peanut Butter Cup Dip – this 4 ingredient dip may look indulgent, but it’s lightened up with yogurt and has no added sugar!

Skinny Peanut Butter Cup Dip Skinny Peanut Butter Cup Dip Recipe

If you are following me on Instagram, you already saw this dip. It was a quick snack made out of a pure boredom. A peanut butter dip was in my head but I wanted something light and creamy and absolutely delicious but without the guilt.

Enter Peanut Butter Cup Dip – the Skinny Style. Aka my newest obsession.

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Facts Up Front

Aside of being a chocoholic and dessert lover, I am also a wife and a mom, responsible for feeding the family. Since my Husband and I started our family, we knew we wanted to teach our kids to eat healthy. We exercise together as a family and we talk about food and what’s good for our bodies. Our oldest daughter is very passionate about healthy food. She reaches for veggies and fruit with more excitement than for a cookie or a cupcake.

bread loaf label Facts Up Front

But shopping for healthy food is not easy. As consumers, we are being swamped with choices every day.

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Blueberry Cream Cheese Turnovers Recipe

Blueberry Cream Cheese Turnovers – easy brunch dessert idea that everyone will love!

Turnovers with Blueberry and Cream Cheese Filling Blueberry Cream Cheese Turnovers Recipe

Even though we woke up on Monday to house roofs covered in snow, the Spring is here! And that means it’s the season for brunches!

Fresh flavors, light dishes and fresh flowers. They all make for a beautiful Spring brunch to enjoy with family and friends.

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Peanut Butter Brownie Truffle Bars Recipe

Peanut Butter Brownie Truffle Bars – a no-bake recipe that will knock your socks off! It’s truly amazing and so easy to make!

Peanut Butter Brownie Bars Peanut Butter Brownie Truffle Bars Recipe

Shall I give you a moment to pick up your jaw from the floor? Sure thing. No problem. My reaction, when I made these, was the same so I totally understand.

What you are seeing is going to become your obsession. These bars are no-bake, made of layers of brownie truffle, peanut butter truffle and topped with chocolate. Chocolate, peanut butter and more chocolate. Bars that will rock your sweet tooth loving world!

You are welcome.

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Chocolate Dipped Coconut Shortbread Cookies Recipe

Chocolate Dipped Coconut Shortbread Cookies – small treat with lots of flavor! Only 4 ingredients are needed to make these delicious shortbread cookies!

Chocolate Dipped Coconut Shortbread Cookies Recipe Chocolate Dipped Coconut Shortbread Cookies Recipe

First of all, let me apologize for two different leading photos in this post. I couldn’t help myself. I love these cookies and they love my camera. icon smile Chocolate Dipped Coconut Shortbread Cookies Recipe

These babies are super easy to make. The basic recipe is made from 3 ingredients (flour, sugar and butter) but I added toasted coconut. To jazz’em up a bit! icon smile Chocolate Dipped Coconut Shortbread Cookies Recipe Hence the 4-ingredient recipe.

After a nice bake in the oven, it’s time for a chocolate bath. I went with white chocolate because it always goes so well with coconut. You can add food coloring to it to give the cookies some color. You can choose a few pastel colors and serve these on your Easter brunch. They are guaranteed to be a hit!

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Perfect Cornbread Muffins Recipe

Perfect Cornbread Muffins Recipe – no-fail recipe for the best cornbread muffins!

Perfect Cornbread Muffins Perfect Cornbread Muffins Recipe

This is my quick and never-fail recipe for a delicious savory muffins to go with dinner. They always come out perfect, with the cracked high tops and fluffy inside!

You can make the batter, pop these in the oven and have them on the table in under 30 minutes! Gotta love fabulous and quick recipes like this one! Because dinner is never complete without a freshly baked bread or muffins on the side.

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pixel Perfect Cornbread Muffins Recipe