White Chocolate Coconut Latte

White Chocolate Coconut Latte – sweet and creamy hot latte that turns a cold, winter day into a sweet bliss! Stay warm at home and make this latte in minutes!

White Chocolate Coconut Latte White Chocolate Coconut Latte

The coffee lover in me is back at it again. This time with a white chocolate and coconut combo. You guys, it’s fantastic!

There is something about white chocolate and coconut that makes you think about winter. It could be the color or the shape of the shredded coconut, but who cares. It’s delicious and when mixed with a freshly brewed cup of coffee – it makes for a fantastic latte!

This combo is not only for cookies or bars! But before you throw in shredded coconut into your mug, let me stop you right there! Here is my secret weapon to making this dreamy drink:

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Glazed Cranberry Sweet Bread

Glazed Cranberry Sweet Bread – buttermilk sweet bread studded with fresh and juicy cranberries, finished up with a sweet cream glaze. My favorite sweet bread for the holidays!

Glazed Cranberry Sweet Bread Glazed Cranberry Sweet Bread

This past weekend we got our first snowfall of this season. Guess who was the most excited? Yep, our kids. I was holding on tight to my mug, filled with steaming hot lemon tea. I realized that winter is upon us and there is no escaping the cold weather. Honestly, I am not sure where did the time go. I was just enjoying the warm fall days and all of a sudden, there are 30’s in the forecast for this whole week. I’ve been so busy (lots going on here, behind the scenes) and BAM! We are in the middle of November.

Considering it all, I proceeded to bake this bread.

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Fluffy Gingerbread Pancakes

Fluffy Gingerbread Pancakes – a winter breakfast idea that everyone will love! Fluffy pancakes with all the flavors of gingerbread! 

Fluffy Gingerbread Pancakes from CrunchyCreamySweet.com  Fluffy Gingerbread Pancakes

Hello, Sunday! It’s cold outside. Let’s make a winter themed breakfast!

I hope you guys don’t mind that I am sharing a Christmas recipe before Thanksgiving. I can’t help it! I ended my pumpkin series with these scrumptious muffins and my mind is set on Christmas flavors. Bring on the peppermint, eggnog and gingerbread!

These pancakes are perfect for a chilly weekend this season. They are bound to put you in a holiday spirit with the first bite! They are packed with spices and flavors signature to gingerbread. Make a big stack of them on the weekend following Thanksgiving Day, turn on the holiday music and make a big mug of eggnog latte and pull out the boxes with Christmas decorations. Now that sounds like a fantastic way to spend a weekend!

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