Easy No-Churn Coffee Ice Cream

Easy No-Churn Coffee Ice Cream – super easy ice cream for the coffee lovers! Just mix the ingredients and freeze!

Easy No Churn Ice Cream from Crunchy Creamy Sweet Easy No Churn Coffee Ice Cream

I think we say it every year, but gosh, this summer is the hottest ever! It’s sizzling out there! Popsicles and ice cream are on the every day agenda. And because I need more coffee to get through my days, and the hot cup of joe doesn’t sound good when the temperature hits triple digits, the chilled version rocks the house.

We had the Caramel Iced Coffee Ice Cream that is just amazing and now it’s time for Coffee Ice Cream. So simple that anyone can do it! No machine needed.

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Zucchini Cornbread Muffins

Zucchini Cornbread Muffins – fun and easy way to sneak in veggies into your diet! Our favorite cornbread muffin with the addition of zucchini is perfect this time of year!

Zucchini Cornbread Muffins  Zucchini Cornbread Muffins

Just like pumpkin in the fall, the zucchini recipes are taking over the internet! I see folks complaining about abundance and not enough ways to eat it.

I gave up growing anything in our garden two years ago, after the tomatoes were eaten by rabbits (which totally made them so not cool in my book, but my kids are still excited to see bunnies in our yard) and the peppers were devoured by squirrels. I hope they liked it. And no, I don’t feel bad if they had to run looking for a water source afterwards.

So that means that I am one of not too many people that don’t have zucchini overtaking their gardens. Nothing is overtaking my garden, actually. Besides weeds maybe, but that’s because I do not like yard work and simply choose to ignore them.

So, Zucchini Cornbread Muffins.

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Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough Ice Cream and Ice Cream Maker Giveaway!

Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough Ice Cream – super easy homemade ice cream with bits of vanilla sugar cookie dough stirred right in! Also, enter to win an ice cream maker from Hamilton Beach!

Funfetti Sugar Cookie Dough Ice Cream Recipe Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough Ice Cream and Ice Cream Maker Giveaway!

What does a baker do in summer? Except, going crazy because you are not supposed to turn the oven on. Even though you are craving that banana bread like crazy. And brownies. And muffins.

You make ice cream.

Fantastic vanilla ice cream that does not require cooking a custard because there are no eggs involved in this treat. I will keep my eggs for the bread and muffins.

Then you take that ice cream and stop yourself from spooning the whole thing right into your mouth, but instead you stir in bits of your favorite funfetti sugar cookie dough (that you can’t bake) right in. And then you blog about it.

Because you love to share your crazy sweet treat ideas.

Because you love to spread a little bit of sweet deliciousness into other people’s lives.

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Chocolate Coffee Milkshake Recipe

Chocolate Coffee Milkshake – creamy treat you can make in just 2 minutes! Perfect drink for chocolate and coffee lovers to cool off on a hot day!

Chocolate Coffee Milkshake from Crunchy Creamy Sweet blog Chocolate Coffee Milkshake Recipe

In case you didn’t know I love coffee, here is another creation I have been enjoying recently. Coffee, chocolate, ice cream and milk – whipped into a creamy perfection. Oh yes, my mornings needed it!

I love that I can just throw everything into my blender and press the shake button. In under a minute, I have perfectly whipped milkshake in a glass, ready to be sipped on while I work in the morning.

Also, it’s the Milkshake Week! A super fun event hosted by Julie from The Little Kitchen and Lindsay from Love and Olive Oil! Some of my favorite bloggers are participating and sharing their fantastic milkshake recipes! You need to check them out! Also, there are giveaways to enter (here and here) with some amazing prizes!

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Caramel Iced Coffee Ice Cream Recipe

Caramel Iced Coffee Ice Cream – have your iced coffee and your ice cream in one amazing dessert! Caramel Macchiato Iced Coffee from International Delight gets a frozen makeover!

Caramel Macchiato Iced Coffee Ice Cream by Crunchy Creamy Sweet Caramel Iced Coffee Ice Cream Recipe

I am obsessed with this ice cream. It all starts with my love for coffee. I can’t imagine my day without it. During the hot season, the hot brew is often replaced by the iced version. But it all just got better with International Delight’s Iced Coffee in few fantastic flavors.

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Mediterranean Chickpea Burger Wrap with Tzatziki Sauce Recipe

Mediterranean Chickpea Burger Wrap with Tzatziki Sauce – a healthy lunch or dinner idea a whole family will love!
Mediterranean Chickpea Burger Wrap from crunchycreamysweet.com  Mediterranean Chickpea Burger Wrap with Tzatziki Sauce Recipe
Fresh cucumber and dill sauce in a super easy wrap with Mediterranean Chickpea Burger. How about that for your lunch? Especially if you are busy and need something healthy and easy. STAT.
I love summer for all the fresh veggies that inspire us to create dishes full of flavor. It also inspires us to eat healthier. These wraps are all of this. I was asked by MorningStar Farms to try one of their newest products and use it in a healthy dish. I was really excited about this challenge as I am trying to include more meatless dinners into our menu but create dishes that are easy to prepare.
Summer days may be meant to be lazy but mine are busy. Being a mom of three little kids and a full time blogger makes for early mornings and late nights. I also wanted to think outside of the box and see if I can use the burgers in a different dish than sandwich it in a bun.
pixel Mediterranean Chickpea Burger Wrap with Tzatziki Sauce Recipe