Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream

Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream – no-churn homemade ice cream recipe with a 2-ingredient vanilla base, cherry preserves swirl and dark chocolate chunks! 

Cherry Swirl Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream two ingredient ice cream base with cherry preserves and dark chocolate no churn @crunchycreamysw Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream

The two-ingredient ice cream recipe is rocking the web right now. And rightly so! The fact that you can whip cream and stir in sweetened condensed milk to it is already a great idea in my book. But freezing it into ice cream that is scoop-able, absolutely delicious and does not require a machine for churning – now, that’s right down genius.

You may remember my Whipped Milk Ice Cream recipe from two years ago. Last year, I made a few variations of it and absolutely loved all of them. This year, I am giving the cream and condensed milk combo a try! I’ve been experimenting with this ice cream base for the past two weeks and let me just say, you would not have a problem finding ice cream in our freezer these days. Actually, I am short on containers because I keep making new flavors!  Continue reading

Frozen Cranberry-Orange Mimosa

Frozen Cranberry-Orange Mimosa – chilled prosecco and frozen cranberry and orange juice makes this drink simply irresistible!

Cranberry Orange Slushies @crunchycreamysw Frozen Cranberry Orange Mimosa

Bubbly prosecco poured over a slushie cranberry and orange juice mix just makes my weekend that much better. Especially during summer, when my Hubby fires up the grill, kiddos have a hoola-hoop throwdown and the pup runs carefree in the grass. Those are the best days!

I celebrate summer and those days with a glass of mimosa. Frozen mimosa at that.

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Cherry Marshmallow Delight Poke Cake

Cherry Marshmallow Delight Poke Cake – light and fluffy vanilla cake with cherry pie filling, marshmallow whipped cream and a drizzle of fudge sauce. Crazy good! 

Cherry Marshmallow Delight Poke Cake vanilla cake with cherry pie filling and marshmallow whipped cream and a drizzle of fudge sauce.  Cherry Marshmallow Delight Poke Cake

This summer, my cakes are multi-topping desserts. And I love it! It’s so fun to start with a simple, no-fail yet delicious cake baked in a large pan, poke holes in it, spread pie filling all over it and top it all with my favorite summer frosting – whipped cream.

But then marshmallow fluff finds it’s way to said whipped cream (can we all say: YUM!) and my homemade fudge sauce is drizzled on top.

Heck, yes. Summer cake at it’s best.

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