Cinnamon Roll Cake (from scratch) Recipe

This Cinnamon Roll Cake has all the features of your favorite roll and is made entirely from scratch!

Cinnamon Roll Cake from scratch @crunchycreamysw Cinnamon Roll Cake (from scratch) Recipe

 ~~~A lot of you had questions regarding spreading the cake and how it’s suppose to look like before and after baking, so I’ve updated the post with step-by-step photos. Hope this helps!~~~

Friends, I am absolutely crazy about this cake. Crazy! I am so excited to share it with you today!

Just like with these Lemon Burst Cookies (that most recipes call for cake mix but I was able to make them from scratch), I have been looking for a good recipe for a Cinnamon Roll Cake. So many recipes use a cake mix, a tube of biscuits or even cinnamon rolls. I don’t buy these because I love to make them using real ingredients, like flour and eggs. So I am here to tell you today that it absolutely possible to make a Cinnamon Roll Cake from scratch, which means that all you need is basic staples and you can make an irresistible treat without sacrificing the taste or having shattered expectations.

Cinnamon Roll Cake Cinnamon Roll Cake (from scratch) Recipe

 Because this cake tastes just like a cinnamon roll – everyone’s favorite sweet roll.

Every layer of this cake (the base, the cinnamon filling and the glaze) is made in just minutes using ingredients that you usually have in your pantry. I love it!!

Cinnamon Roll Cake indulgent cake for cinnamon rolls lovers Cinnamon Roll Cake (from scratch) Recipe

 It’s not only made from scratch but so ridiculously easy to make! Everything comes together so quickly and no special equipment is needed. The base is a delicious yellow butter cake with a perfect moist and delicate crumb. Melts in your mouth! The cinnamon filling is incredible and as soon as you make it – you will want to put it on everything! Heck, go ahead and smear your morning bagel with it! It is so good! The vanilla glaze is the perfect finishing touch on this cake. The amount of it makes it possible for the cake to be covered from top to bottom yet without soaking it and making a mess.

This is the pan I used.

Step by step photos for cinnamon roll cake Cinnamon Roll Cake (from scratch) Recipe

Cinnamon Roll Cake from scratch @crunchycreamysw1 Cinnamon Roll Cake (from scratch) Recipe

 Note: Some of you had a problem with the cinnamon filling burning on the edges of the pan while the cake is not done yet. I am making a not in the recipe not to spread the cinnamon filling all the way to the edge of the cake batter. Leave at least 1 inch of space from the edge. Thank you for the comments and letting me know!

For condensed instructions and a printable recipe, click the button below.

 Recipe button 1 Cinnamon Roll Cake (from scratch) Recipe

Are you sold yet? icon smile Cinnamon Roll Cake (from scratch) Recipe Good, because you should make this cake this weekend.


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 Cinnamon Roll Cake (from scratch) Recipe
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73 thoughts on “Cinnamon Roll Cake (from scratch) Recipe

  1. Nom, nom… nom!! I would love a big piece of this yummy treat. :) It’s morning here and checking this out on an empty stomach… my stomach just growled… “gimeme some!!”

  2. We’re both rockin’ the Cinnamon Roll today. :) Awesome cake!!! Where’s my coffee?! :-P

  3. Hi Adri! Welcome to CCS! Thank you so much for such a sweet comment. I am so happy that you stopped by! I do hope you try this cake – it is fabulous!

  4. I recently saw a similar recipe and bookmarked it to try. I love the idea of cinnamon roll flavor without the time and effort of making cinnamon rolls. YUM.

  5. If I wanted the cake to be pumpkin flavored, how would you suggest adjusting the cake ingredient amounts? This sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Jennifer! I would probably add about 1/4 to 1/2 c of pumpkin puree to the filling mixture. Let me know if you try it! Thank you!

  6. Goodness, gracious! Anna, your Cinnamon Roll Cake looks phenomenally good! Love that you enjoy baking from scratch like I do. Kudos, girl…I cannot wait to bake this. Mmmm. Thanks for sharing! Pinning (of course)!

  7. This looks AMAZING. Just perfect. I am pinning this and cant’ wait to try it out!!

  8. This sounds like a dream, Anna, a wonderful delicious dream! I love cakes that are insanely tasty yet easy to make. Anything that tastes like a cinnamon roll without all the fuss is welcome in my life!

  9. It’s from scratch. Yay! :) I don’t have anything against cake mixes. I just get annoyed when I see a recipe with them because we don’t have cake mixes over here.

    Anyway, awesome recipe! I’ve never tried anything like this. Gotta get on that!

  10. I made this cake this morning and it smelled wonderful. It took at least 10 mins longer to cook and even then the center was not cooked through. Has anyone else had that problem.
    It’s possible the problem came from forgetting to add the milk till after I mixed the dry ingredients, eggs and melted butter.

    • Hi Kathie! I am so glad you tried the cake! Thank you! It is always recommended to follow the instructions and the order of adding the ingredients. It happened to me before that one little mistake changed the final product.

    • I followed the steps carefully and am having the same problem! the brownsugar filling is burning on the sides but the centre of the cake is still not cooked thorugh, jelly-like. I will cook it longer see how it goes.

      • Hi Ursula! I will make a note in the recipe to not to spread the cinnamon filling all the way to the edge of the cake batter. I think this might help. So glad it was a hit on the birthday dinner! Thank you so much for the comment!

    • i am doing this as we speak and it wasn’t cooked right through either, am guessing coz i dint follow the order of events, but i just cant wait for it to set! already smells delish!!! thank you soooo much for providing an outlet for satisfying my cinnamon pastry craving(and fantasy of making it myself)!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I’ve made this a couple times when we have house guests… time will be Thanksgiving morning….To help with all I have to do that day….I mix it up the night before and then I just have to cook it in the morning….comes out great :)

  12. Thanks for the recipe. I easily veganized, used a tube pan instead of a square pan and I omitted the icing. I think it’s just perfect with the cinnamon topping. I also cut the amount of butter on the filling half because, let’s face it. 1 stick ought to be enough and it came out just as gooey delicious mmm, mmm, mmm. (Sorry, I can’t speak, I’m eating!!!) :-) Thanks again for sharing!!! This is sure to become a traditional recipe at my house from now on.

  13. Hi Carito! Thank you for the comment. It looks like it the filling is in the middle because it will sink in a little during baking. The instructions are correct. One of my readers made the cake a day before and it came out great. You can see her comment below. As far as baking at high altitudes, I recommend this article. It has all the tips you need:

    Let me know how it goes! Thank you!

    • Good day! I’m baking this wonderful looking cake for my husband’s b-day tomorrow (yup…valentine’s baby!) since he doesn’t like any traditional cake, but loves cinnamon rolls. Thanks for this comment! we’re at high altitude, and I was going to write now asking you for tips about it…so this comment by Carito and you just made my planning complete!! I will let you know how it all went!! thanks for working out this wonderful recipe!!

  14. Wow, I was giving the recipe a side-eye with the amount of butter it takes, but it ended up tasting delicious! Thanks for the recipe! I didn’t have a 9×13 cake pan on hand, so I used a 9-in springform pan instead. I don’t think I swirled the filling into the cake enough since a lot of it stayed in the middle and prevented the whole cake from hardening, but it was still a hit!

  15. I love your blog and so far every yummy recipe I have made has been over the top excellent…it made our Christmas extra delightful & also to the friends I gave goodie baskets to..your recipes are amazing…
    I do have one question about the cinnamon cake. …I just made it..well it is in the oven but the problem I had was when I had the filling all ready to spread I knew there was going to be an issue with the thickness of the filling…it does not spread evenly nor will it spread at all…it is way to thick….so did I miss something or is there an easier way to get this filling to spread without interrupting the cake batter itself?….just need to know as I plan on making it 50 times till I get it down perfect because it looks amazing and I can smell it cooking now & wow is all I can say….just need advice on the filling….thanks so much & for all the wonderful recipes

    • Hi there! Thank you so much for the lovely comment! I will make the cake again and take photos of all the steps. I hope that will help. Have a fabulous day!

  16. I wanted to let you know I tried this recently and it is AMAZING!! I used it for some cinnamon roll cake pops (after I had some of the cake for myself, yum!) and the flavor was perfect. I loved it so much I have it as a regular on my menu and hope people order all the time so I have a reason to make the cake, lol. I’m definitely going to make this for the next fight-night potluck I attend. Thank you so much for sharing! Here’s how the cake pops turned out

  17. I made this and it was amazing, I have never been able to succeed making cinnamon buns (hockey pucks) so this is a fantastic alternative and my kids loved it :) thank you!

  18. I made this yesterday and it was the best from scratch cake Ive ever made! Made it just like the recipe says. Loved it!

  19. Hi there! The melted butter is not the one you should grease the pan with. The melted butter goes into the batter of the cake. Check the step by step photos. Thanks!

  20. I think it’s a great base recipe. I made it today for work and it was a huge hit. The variations could be
    fun. Using orange or lemon zest in place of cinnamon? Or cardamom and almond? Cinnamon and slivered almonds- would taste like those candied almonds from the fair! Or browned butter and bacon in the cake??! OMG. Now I want to make this again.

  21. This recipe is fabulously delicious!! I made this cinnamon roll cake on Christmas morning and my boys and neighbors loved it! Now my oldest son has asked me to bake it again, so here I go! (Note to self: Print this recipe, its a keeper!)

  22. Hello! I found this recipe while googlin for smth to use loads of butter I had. Made it the other day, and… OMG never tried anythin tastier!!! Though I’m trynna lose some postpartum weight, couldnt hold myself n ate whole 2 slices while still warm! Thank you a bunch! In my recipes book already. Cant wait to try other recipes from you.

  23. I just made this now and had a big square. It’s… almost perfect but a little off. A bit of graininess like perhaps some raw flour remained, and I followed directions to the letter (and number). Textural issues aside, it’s incredibly delicious!

  24. I made this yesterday, to have with my coffee this weekend. It is WONDERFUL! Someone at work had made a cinnamon roll cake and I loved it, so I searched the recipe and found yours, and I’m glad I did! The cake itself has such a moist and crumbly texture, I can see myself using the base recipe for other types of cakes. The ONLY thing I’d do different next time is add a little more sugar to the cinnamon mixture, probably some white sugar along with the brown. I’ll shut up now so I can enjoy my cake n coffee;)

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  26. Hi, I need some help with this cake! I made this yesterday per the instructions and the filling came out a big old mess. When i spread the filling on top of the cake batter, and then swirled/marbled it in, it really did no good at all. The filling sat on top of the cake as it baked, and did not seep into the cake at all. Essentially, I ended up with a yellow cake and a crispy cooked cinnamon brown sugar crust on top. I was hesitant to put the vanilla glaze on top of all this mess. Judging by the photo, it looks like you may have layered some of the batter, then put the filling, and then put the rest of the batter on top prior to marbling. Suggestions, anyone??

    • Hi Jennifer! I am so sorry you had problems with this cake. The filling should sink into the cake during baking. I didn’t layer it. I spread it over the batter (as seen in photos).

      • Hmm, I wonder why my filling did not sink in…it bubbled up and oozed all over the place, like I was cooking caramel or something! :) Maybe I’ll try layering mine to see how it comes out!

  27. Absolutely delicious, I have made it on four seperate occasions now. I half the batch since.their is only two people eating and it is more than enough food. I have only finished it off in one sitting twice

  28. This cake is amazing! I made it last night and it was the biggest hit! It just melts in your mouth! I was curious if you have tried reducing the butter at all and replacing 1 stick of butter with 1 c. of applesauce? I’m so happy I came across your blog… your recipes look so good! Thank you for sharing!!!

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  30. This was amazingly delicious. I might try just using 1 and 1/2 sticks of butter in the filling next time because it was oozing through the bottom of the cake a lot.

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