One Hour Skillet Focaccia

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Since I received the beautiful Le Creuset cast iron skillet in Quince, I have been researching skillet recipes for baked goods. I honestly had no idea there is so many of them! Cakes, breads, cornbreads, rolls. So many to make!

This one is our favorite of late, I have made it every day for the last week and a half and I love it! It’s super easy to make even though it requires yeast. I actually timed it and you can make this baby in 1 hour flat. Twenty minutes ( or less if you don’t have a toddler icon smile One Hour Skillet Focaccia ) to prep, 20 minutes to let the dough rise in the pan and 20 minutes to bake.

I dare you not to rip a warm slice off icon smile One Hour Skillet Focaccia

skillet focaccia 8a 1024x679 One Hour Skillet Focaccia

So how can we make an easy and fast focaccia based on a yeast dough? Well, there is two tricks to it. One, we place the dough in the pan and let it rise there. No need for a second bowl and more kneading and shaping. Two, we create a warm environment for the dough to rise by preheating the oven to 220 degrees F, turning it off and letting the covered skillet sit in there for 20 minutes.

Easy peasy. icon smile One Hour Skillet Focaccia

 I made a little photo tutorial for your visual assistance.

skillet focaccia 1a 711x1024 One Hour Skillet Focaccia

skillet focaccia 2a 736x1024 One Hour Skillet Focacciaskillet focaccia 12 a 679x1024 One Hour Skillet Focacciaskillet focaccia 5a 1024x679 One Hour Skillet Focaccia

So pull out your cast iron skillets! Let’s bake focaccia!! icon smile One Hour Skillet Focaccia

skillet focaccia 3a 679x1024 One Hour Skillet Focaccia This focaccia is going to blow your mind! The bottom bakes into a thin crispy layer, all thanks to cast iron. Center is flaky and light. The buttery and crunchy top is the perfect finish.

The focaccia slips right out of the pan with ease. Slice it into wedges or squares and enjoy dipped into marinara sauce or along a pasta dish.

skillet focaccia 9a 679x1024 One Hour Skillet Focaccia

For condensed instructions and a printable recipe, please click the button below.

Recipe button 1 One Hour Skillet Focaccia



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 One Hour Skillet Focaccia
Anna is a wife, mom, blogger, freelance writer and photographer, self-taught baker. Will never give up chocolate, coffee and bread. And cheese. And wine.

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97 thoughts on “One Hour Skillet Focaccia

  1. I’ve always wanted to make focaccia, but for some reason I never have. Now that I know I can easily make it in my Le Creuset skillet, I’m SO doing it! I can practically smell the deliciousness from my office ;)


      • MY LANDS!!….THIS looks like focaccia perfection…Big question…Could I POSSIBLY use this same recipe to make….PIZZA??????….The dough ingredient mélange is exquisite! Thank you for any insight…and this wonderful recipe!

        • Absolutely! We did try and we loved the thicker crust, almost deep-dish-like! Just pat down the center a little after rising so the toppings won’t overflow. Definitely let me know how it goes! Thanks so much, Donna!

  2. I’ve been wanting to make focaccia lately and this is a genius way of doing it. I would give my right arm for that COLOR of skillet…it’s just…so serene!

  3. Focaccia is the bomb, I made some recently which took forever so I’m digging your time frame way better! I dip it in some live oil and eat the whole loaf basically :)

  4. Anna, this looks lovely. I am putting the world out on my blog today. :) Hope you get some votes.

  5. I am so happy that being a fitness instructor is my other job. Your recipes are great Anna!

  6. I have been searching for an easy focaccia recipe to make spur of the moment with wine…I just found it! Anna, this looks fabulous!

    • Oh yes! It will be fabulous with wine. Just be ready to eat the whole thing :) Thank you, Carol!

  7. I need a cast iron skillet so that I can make this focaccia. Damn, it’s gorgeous! So perfectly light and fluffy on the inside. And a super crispy crust gets me every time. I love the step by step photos, so useful. And the technique is brilliant, Anna. Thanks for sharing, lady.

    • Aww, thank you, sweet Nancy! I hope you will have a chance to try it – you will love it! xo

  8. I love the helpful writing on the photos Anna! For this and many other reasons, I need a cast iron skillet! Yes, I don’t have one yet. Maybe on my bridal registry! I love focaccia bread!

    • Oh, I hope you do get one! It’s a must! Le Creuset has so many gorgeous colors! Thanks, Sally!

  9. I’ve never tried making focaccia before, but I love any kind of homemade bread so I’d definitely be all over this! It looks so hearty and comforting, just the way bread should be. :)

    • Juts a warning: it goes fast :) I have a lot of homemade bread fans over here :) Thank you, Amber!

  10. I agree. I always crave a good crusty bread and this recipe satisfies those cravings so well. It’s a keeper! :) LMK if you make it! Thanks, Wendy!

  11. Hi Catherine! Try greasing the skillet before baking. Also, do you season your cast iron skillet?

    • Oh yeah, my husband seasons them all the time. I swear he’s obsessed! I can burn bacon to the dang things!

  12. Found you on Pinterest. Thanks for the great recipe and great instructions! Followed to the letter, and it turned out great. Wonderful crust outside, nice texture inside too. And I’m a novice bread maker, so if I can do it, anyone can. Thanks again!

    • Yay! That’s fabulous! Thank you so much for trying it and for letting me know! Thank you, Montiel!

    • Hi Ashley! I used Red Star Active Dry Yeast. Hope this helps! Thank you!

  13. I love this! I just got a new cast iron skillet a little while ago and I’ve only used it once. This recipe will help me break it in. It sounds wonderful!

  14. I’m making this now. I assume the olive oil goes in before the first flour? — whoops! never mind. Saw it was later. The order of the ingredients confused me. :)

  15. Hi! I read the comments as far as I could and I didn’t see the answer, so I apologize if I missed it and it’s a repeat. Can whole wheat flour be substituted for the all-purpose flour? And if so, do any of the other ingredients have to be tweaked? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Megan! Thank you so much for your question. I didn’t try this recipe with whole wheat flour but I would love to know how it turns out. One thing to remember, if you sub those two: never replace the whole amount of all-purpose. Do half and half. Let me know how it goes!

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  19. Wow, this focaccia looks great!!! And finally i understand how to use the American dry yeast, which I find different from the italian, which has to be mixed with the flour, not dissolved. I think I’ll give it a try! Thanks!

  20. The cast iron skillet I wanted to use wasn’t where I last left it, so I tried a 10″ springform pan instead. Great results! One other thing: I used Red Star Platinum yeast. Best bread results ever. Thank you for posting this recipe.

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  22. Ooh, it looks awesome! I love focaccia but don’t make it very often, just because I’m a little lazy, I guess. So I love how simple this one is! And quick. Very important for lazy people. :)

  23. OMG!!! I found this on Piterest this afternoon about 4:00pm est and made it to go with dinner. WOW it is SO GOOD!!!.

    • Woohoo! I am so glad you tried it and loved it, Katt! Thank you so much for letting me know!

  24. I have it in the oven…(it’s a terribly hot day – but it sounded so good!). If I manage it well in this version, I’m going to attempt to give it a ‘gluten-free makeover’ for the “man friend”. :) Thank you for sharing the recipe!

  25. This is awesome. thank you. I made this as a crust for pizza. Everyone loved it. Gonna make it again, and again, and again for sure!

    • Yay! I am so happy that you tried it and love it! Thanks for letting me know, Ginger!!!

  26. In the oven now. It sure was easy! I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  27. Literally just put mine in the oven! Serving mine with caramelized onions! That sentence doesn’t usually come out of a 14 year old mouth lol!

  28. This looks wonderful!! I had the most amazing focaccia when I was in Comogli, Italy and have wanted to make it ever since…yours looks easy and delicious!! Now I just wish I had that skillet!

    • Hi Lily! This focaccia is so so good! I hope you will get a chance to make it. I know some folks who don’t have a skillet used cake pans. Maybe that helps?

  29. Hi Patty! Thanks for stopping by. I used Le Creuset 10″ skillet. Let me know if you make it!

  30. I’ve made this focaccia several times as a side to spaghetti. It is amazing. I love it. I added some rosemary to the dough as well as on top and it was delicious. I’m done with the garlic bread as this will be the replacement. Thanks for sharing such a great recipe.

    • Yay! I am so happy to hear that! Thank you so much for trying the recipe and letting me know. I love your addition of rosemary!

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  32. Great recipe! I just got a few cast-iron skillets as an early Christmas present and this was the first recipe I made. I used whole wheat flour for the second half of the flour, though I only ended up using about half a cup before the dough started pulling away from the bowl. I also added fresh rosemary to the butter mixture. YUM!

    • Thank you so much for letting me know, Ethel! I love the addition of fresh rosemary!

  33. Fantastic recipe and great instructions.
    Mine came out perfectly- didn’t add much of the second cup of flour, and even added a tiny drizzle of more oil. Used an herbs of Provence seasoning mix instead of italian seasoning.

  34. I made Chef Fabio’s Eggplant Parmesan and your bread last night. The Parmesan I did well on, the bread I made so many mistakes it wasn’t even funny ;) I appreciate the recipe’ and wanted to let you know that my attempt at it is on my new blog at

    Thanks again and Next time, I’ll have a stand mixer, I’ll remember to shut the 220 degree oven off and cover with the kitchen towel. I’ll also remember to actually increase the temperature to 400 degrees instead of putting it back in the oven at 220 degrees and I’ll make sure to use non self rising flour and to make sure I know how to use yeast, lol. The nice thing was that for my first time attempting a bread like this it really did turn out ok (a little chewy/crunchy for my taste) and the kids loved it and gobbled it all up :)

    Till next time,
    Jason D. Blevins
    Jason’s Kitchen

  35. This is so easy and delicious..making it for the second time this evening. Thanks for the great recipe :)

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  39. Could I make this with another type of pan? I don’t have a cast iron one. just a skilllet that can go in the oven. thanks

    • Hi Par! You can use a cake pan or just a baking sheet. Hope this helps! Let me know how it turns out!

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  42. On behalf of my family, I’d like to thank you for this. It has become a favorite in our house. Did you know that this makes a superb pizza crust? No lie! If we’re in the mood for a thin crust pizza (think garlic-olive oil instead of marinara, sliced tomatoes, shredded or chunked grilled chicken, and dots of fresh mozz), I’ll stretch a single batch of this over as much of a half sheet pan as I can reasonably make it cover. If we’re in the mood for a thicker crust, I’ll either make as is in my 12″ skillet, or make a double batch and bake in the half sheet pan. It never fails to make us all very happy.

    • Hi Tom! THANK YOU so much for this message! I absolutely love that you and your family are enjoying my recipe! And yes, it makes for a great pizza crust! :) I love it that you even make two kinds of pizza using this recipe. It is a family favorite for us too!

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