Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

Triple chocolate mousse cake – the one and only dessert for a true chocolate lover. Perfect showstopper for a special occasion.

triple mousse 6 Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

Welcome to day twelve of our Valentine’s Day Celebration event! Do you see that slice up there? This, ladies and gentlemen, is the ultimate chocolate dessert. Not only it’s triple chocolate but it is made of layers of mousse. Creamy mousse, that melts in your mouth and transfers you into a sweet bliss. I had this cake on my to-make list for so long and it finally happened!

triple mousse 1 680x1024 Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

It is also the most labor intense dessert I have ever made. It can take up to 2 days to make it, only if you decide though. You can make it all in one day if you start early in the morning. But it’s crucial to let every layer set before adding the next one. It is important to read the instructions before proceeding. You need to plan well when making this cake. You need to be patient and gentle. Lots of love goes into making this cake. And that’s also why it’s so rewarding in the end.

triple mousse 2 1024x680 Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

The look is breath-taking itself. I know because when I presented this cake to my Hubby, he had a reaction he only has to impressive looking desserts. Then came the “oooh’s” and “ahhh’s” and I knew it tastes as incredible as it looks. icon smile Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

You may think it’s utterly rich. Well, it is in texture but because of it’s made of chocolate mousse – it’s airy and light. And that makes it incredibly easy to eat. Which most likely will make you reach for another slice. icon smile Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake Not that I know anything about that… Ahem…. icon smile Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

mousse cake 8 1024x680 Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

triple mousse 5 1024x695 Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

This is my favorite special occasion dessert. Perfect for a wedding anniversary (ours is quickly approaching – another excuse to make it :)) or Valentine’s Day. Or anytime you decide you need it.

And trust me. If you are a chocolate lover, you need to try this cake. It is time consuming to make it but there is a huge satisfaction awaiting you in the end.

The best chocolate dessert.

triple mousse 3 680x1024 Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

For condensed instructions and printable recipe please click button below

Recipe button 1 Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

Original recipe from Cook’s Illustrated (November/December Issue, 2009)

I hope you will give this cake a try and enjoy the most amazing treat ever.



  1. alyssa says

    Nice cake and I am going to make it. But may I ask how do you chill the cake and can I put it overnight and serve it like tomorrow. And well is it possible to decorate the cake before serving it? (Not yet sliced) thanks in advance!

  2. Thuy says

    I tried making the first layer, and when it cooled, it collapsed like you said. But, even the sides did as well so they are no longer touching the sides of the pan. I imagine this might be a problem; how might I fix this?

  3. Rabia says

    Just refrigerated this awesome cake…i hope it comes out the same as in the photos above…made it for my son’s bday tomorrow…keeping my fingers crossed!

  4. Kiks says

    The 1st layer just got out of the oven, and i just finished mixing the 2nd layer as well is it still usable after 1hr after the 1st layer has cooled and set?

  5. Allie says

    How did you cover the remainder of the cake when stored back in the fridge? Want to eat little by little without the fridge spoiling it, or without ruining the cake trying to properly cover it. Thanks!

    • CrunchyCreamySw says

      Hi Allie! Thank you so much for the comment! If you don’t have a cake stand with a cloche or a cake carrier than you can insert few toothpicks in the cake and then cover it with a saran wrap. The toothpicks will keep it from sticking to the cake. Hope this helps!

  6. CrunchyCreamySw says

    Hi Carla! First of all, you are not an idiot. This cake is not easy to make. If you are having problems with the first layer – I think the problem is in how long you whip the egg whites. It should collapse after baking but should not be “as thin as a pancake”. Did you follow the instructions on whipping the whites?

  7. tif says

    hi good day :) i already made the baked layer now moving to the second hehe was wondering when you say. 1 1/2 heavy whipping cream does that mean 1 1/2 already whipped cream? or not yet whipped? thanks :)

  8. Amenah says

    I made this cake, i think it was the best chocolate cake ive ever had! Thanks for the recipe! Although for some reason i felt my cake turned out a little too dense. Also, Do u think next time for the chocolate mousse i can use milk chocolate instead of semi sweet?

  9. Lucas Joseph McCullum says

    I just made the cake however I missed the part to add the remaining egg whites. Not knowing this I mixed in an extra egg white before baking. I hope this wouldnt affect it too much. It seemed the first layer was heavier than the others. Secondly on the last set of instructions for the third layer, I saw it says add part of the heavy whipping cream, then the rest. After which it says add whipping cream, I didnt quite understand this however I added the remaining whipping cream, folded it as directed it and poured it over the top. Does this sound about right? I really hope it turns out well!

  10. CrunchyCreamySw says

    I haven’t tried it in a mini cheesecake pan so I can’t tell you if the ratios would be correct… Sorry…. Let me know if you try it!

  11. CathyP says

    I just finished making this cake this morning and took it to a friends tonight for dinner. It was wonderful and everyone loved it. Well worth the time and I will make it again. Thank you for sharing. :)

  12. Ronika says

    Ok, I just made this for the 2nd time… The first time I took it to work (that’s where I take all my test recipes..LOL.. ) and they ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.. I must admit.. I only thought it was OK (don’t really care for bitter chocolate)… but they raved about it so much.. a Girl who is leaving requested it before she left.. so Here I am.. making it for her!… Thanks.. it looks So good.. and I hope they enjoy it as much as they did the first time!!!

  13. Hesitantbaker says

    I am a completely new baker and LOVE the pictures and look of this entire cake. Would the difficulty be too hard for me if I have never made a cake and would like to surprise someone for their birthday in two days with this?

    • CrunchyCreamySw says

      Hi! Thank you so much for the lovely comment. :) I have to tell you, this cake is very labor intensive. It doesn’t really require much baking (only the first layer) but it would be great if you had an experience whipping up whites and cream to soft peaks… I would say: if you can totally devote time to it without distractions, you can give it a go. I hope my instructions will help along the way. Either way, let me know what you decide! Thank you!

  14. Jay says

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful…raised to the power of N. it’s my bestie’s birthday tomorrow, and I stumbled upon your recipe. I started making it since last night, just done the final layer now and cannot wait to see the excitement on my friend’s face tomorrow… Thank you Anna for brightening up my day and doing the same for my friend tomorrow… My fingers are crossed. Keep it coming, appreciate it.

    • CrunchyCreamySw says

      I love your comment, Jay! I hope the cake turned out and you both loved it! Let me know! Thank you!

  15. Rajani says

    Hi. I totally love your patience and dedication at making this triple layered cake for your special person! I am in the process of creating a similar triple layered cake for my hubby’s birthday – and all eggless and gelatin-free (used china grass instead). Crossing my fingers and waiting to unmould tomorrow.
    Your tips to get the layers right were so useful to me. Much thanks.

  16. shadow1760 says

    i’ve made this desert several times and everytime it has been a huge success. A definite crowd pleaser with a great big wow factor. it looks as pretty as it taste. Rich but light and airy. definitely a project that takes me one night to put together and we enjoy it the next day. I take the extra step of lining the sides with parchment paper which adds a little height to the sides so that it comes apart from the pan very easily and I can fit all the filling in my springform pan that way too. most pans are just under 3 inches high. If you have a pan at least 3 inches high then you’re OK. I use craft wire to cut the cake. I used Ghirardelli chocolate and added a little bit of stabilizer to the white mousse 2 give it an extra airiness and stiffness.

    • Amanda says

      Parchment paper! What a great idea for easy pan removal. Also thanks for mentioning the pan height in your comment. Made this for the first time today. I only have small cake pans, about 2 inches high. Oops. Definitely couldn’t fit the 3rd layer so I’ve put it into another cake pan. Crossing my fingers that I can fit it with the other layers later

      • Amanda says

        I Should mention that I’m new to cakes and missed the springform pan reference in the beginning of the instructions. **Anna maybe add a Material section to the recipe card for us newbies? Either way I learned my lesson and will be investing in the right pan, because I will definitely be making this again.

        • Anna@CrunchyCreamySweet says

          Hi Amanda! Thank you for the suggestion! I love it! I am so glad you tried the recipe! Thank you for the comment!

  17. Paula @ Vintage Kitchen says

    What I like most about this cake is that the three layers unite as one. I usually see some sort of separation between them that seems artificial. This is gorgeous Anna, and doesn´t take longer than many breads I make!

  18. Nancy says

    Holy crow, Anna – this is divine! Your photos are gorgeous and I can’t get over how perfect, creamy, luscious and decadent this cake is. What a labour of love – I hope you got to enjoy every single mouthful of this stunner.

    • CrunchyCreamySw says

      Hi Heather! Add the remaining brown sugar after the first half of it is mixed in. Thank you for your question!

  19. Sandra Garth says

    Oh my gosh Anna, you’re making me crazy with all of these tempting desserts. Each day is a party for my eyes!

  20. Anne B says

    Well my friend, you are definitely getting ‘ooohs and aaahhhs’ from me because this dessert is stunning. I can only imagine how sweet, luscious and light it is. And again….those pictures are just killer! Beautiful! : )

    • CrunchyCreamySw says

      Oooh, I do hope you will make it. I just know you will love it, Anne! Thank you so much for your kind words about my photos. :) xoxo

  21. a farmer in the dell says

    I’m armed with a fork, a double espresso, and now all I need is a way to reach through my computer screen and take a bite of that lovely cake!

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