How To Make Sugar Hearts

sugar hearts 1a How To Make Sugar Hearts

Today I am sharing a really fun project. It involves playing with sugar and creating really adorable little hearts. Who’s in? icon smile How To Make Sugar Hearts

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Tiny Sugar Hearts.

I was introduced to this idea thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest. It came from The Wedding Chicks and they blew me away with this concept.

Now I am not a really crafty person who can create adorable treats but these little tiny hearts are so irresistible and so cute, I just had to make them. Besides, I have two little Princesses who were squeeling with delight when I showed them this project.

It’s super easy and to really convince you – I made a photo tutorial.

Let’s start with gathering our ingredients: 1/2 cup of granulated sugar, pink ( or desired color ) gel food coloring, 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons of water ( that somehow didn’t make it into the photo frame ) and a tiny heart fondant cutter. The original idea uses egg white but water works just fine.

sugar hearts tut1 How To Make Sugar Hearts

I got this edible petal dust on a whim while perusing the baking supply store.

sugar hearts tut2 How To Make Sugar Hearts

I decided to add it to the sugar so my little hearts will have a little bit of sparkle. However, you can totally skip this step.

sugar hearts tut3 How To Make Sugar Hearts

After mixing the petal dust in with the sugar, add a drop of pink gel food coloring.

sugar hearts tut4 How To Make Sugar Hearts

Mix it all in as best as you can. Next, add a teaspoon of water and mix with a spoon.

sugar hearts tut6 How To Make Sugar Hearts

It will start to come together and the color will intensify. You don’t want to add more than another 1/2 teaspoon of water. We are not trying to melt the sugar but create a paste-like consistency.

Next, transfer the colored sugar onto Silpat or parchment paper. Gently pat it down with your fingers or use a rolling pin.

sugar hearts tut7 How To Make Sugar Hearts

Slightly push the heart cutter into sugar and pull out. The sugar heart should be inside your heart cutter.

sugar hearts tut8 How To Make Sugar Hearts

This will helps us to transfer the sugar heart onto a surface where it will dry. At this point the heart is very fragile and will easily break.

Gently tap the heart cutter against the surface to help the heart to come out.

sugar hearts tut9 How To Make Sugar Hearts

Voila! You made sugar hearts!

sugar hearts tut9 How To Make Sugar Hearts

If some of them are not super perfect, you can fix them with a toothpick. Just remember to be careful so your hearts won’t crumble apart. Let them dry for at least 2 hours. They will harden up.

See!I told ya it was easy!

Now you have your own sugar hearts to decorate your Valentine’s Day treats, pack in little treat bags and giveaway or place on top of a romantic note for your loved one. Or better yet, place on top of the milk froth on your morning cup of coffee and present to your loved one. icon smile How To Make Sugar Hearts Now that’s a good start to a day!

sugar hearts 4a How To Make Sugar Hearts

Have a fabulous and sweet day!




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  1. Juuppyy_I says

    I have been wanting to make those since last October and by now got the food colour. The only thing i’m still missing is a heart shoe or a cutter, any great ideas on how to diy it? Manybthanks

  2. Anne B says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these sweet little hearts and thank you, Anna, for such a great tutorial! I can think of no more special way to enjoy my morning coffee!

  3. Molly says

    These look fantastic! I was just wondering though, does it need to be gel food colouring or would a little bit of regular food colouring work? Thanks!

    • CrunchyCreamySw says

      Hi Molly! I didn’t try making these with regular food coloring but I would say go for it! Make sure not to add too many drops ( from my experience the regular kind is more watery and tends to drip faster then the gel kind ). Have fun! Thank you!

  4. justonecookbook says

    I’m madly in love with your sugar hearts. So cute and so irresistible and I can stare at them… such a lovely thing!

  5. says

    I’m not very crafty either but this…this I think I could manage-thanks to your step-by-step photos. So adorable!! (Love the petal dust!)

  6. Kate | Food Babbles says

    These are absolutely adorable Anna! Love these and they sound so easy to make too. I bet my 3 year old would love doing this together.

  7. says

    Anna, these hearts are stealing my heart!! SO adorable! As a kid, my mom and I would sometimes ask the grocery store bakery if they had any sugar cake decorations they could share with us, and we’d let them melt on our tongues while we shopped. Surprise, surprise, we love sugar :) so I think this would be the perfect gift for my mom for Valentine’s Day!!

    • CrunchyCreamySw says

      Awww, that is so sweet! I love this story! Thank you so much for sharing, sweet Hayley! xo

  8. curryandcomfort says

    These are beyond adorable!! I also have a princess that would squeal with delight over these. :) Well done my friend. :)

  9. megan @ whatmegansmaking says

    How fun! I’ve just pinned it to remember – I want to try these for Valentine’s Day – they’re so cute :)

  10. says

    sugar and hearts and glitter and pink are 4 things that i LOVE about the world. And Anna, you’ve made my dream little sugary treat. I’d load these into my coffee. It sure would make my mornings a little more bright and sparkly. :)