Easy French Bread

easy french bread 2 Easy French Bread

I love bread. Bread, rolls, baguettes, French breads, Italian breads, rustic breads, you name it. I feel almost incomplete if there is no bready carbs sitting on my counter. It’s my security blanket if you wish.

The white store-bought bread is not only not attractive but tasteless to me so I try to bake my own whenever possible. I have tried many many recipes for many many different kinds of bread goodness. I have my favorites that I hope to share on CCS. I want to spread the home-baked bread love. Are you in?

Just recently, I stumbled upon a recipe for Easy French Bread on Alaska From Scratch blog. Have you visited Maya’s blog? It will make you feel welcomed and right at home. Just like her Easy French Bread. I just had to try it.

Oooh, I am so glad I did! It came together fast. It had a crunchy crust and fluffy and delicious center. Perfection in it’s bready best! icon smile Easy French Bread

french bread 1 Easy French Bread

I have to say, I hesitated a little before I threw the 1/2 cup of water on my oven’s floor. But it worked and I will try this trick with other recipes. I encourage you to try Maya’s recipe. I didn’t change it a bit besides adding a teaspoon of sugar to the warm water before adding yeast. I always do that, because yeast love sweets and they bubble up faster.

Will you make some fresh home-baked bread?

What is your favorite type of bread?





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    This looks like perfect French bread! I always have the best intentions of making my own bread but don’t do it nearly often enough. I tell myself I’ll do it more when I’m home more, but who knows :) Recipes like this definitely inspire me!

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    French bread! Before I started blogging I was into making french bread – and I’m not much of a baker but I love bread so much that I baked a couple of times for fun. The throwing water to the oven floor is interesting! I read somewhere that I have to spray the water (from those water spray bottle) right before closing the oven after you put the bread. I wasn’t sure if those spray of water worked, but with the amount you added to the oven floor probably it gives enough steam. I need to get back to bread making one day! Your post inspired me. :)

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    I am always making a white crusty bread. I fill a broiler pan with water and have that steam the whole time during baking, makes for a crunchy crust. I am no longer getting your email updates since your blog switch over, I have to resubscribe.

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      Hi Cathy! Thank you so much for letting me know. I had no idea there was an issue with e-mail updates… I am so sorry about that. I am working on fixing it! I can’t wait to try your suggestion with a broiler pan. Nothing better than a homebaked bread with crunchy crust :) Have a great day!

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    Blogger upsets me sometimes! I have no idea how many of your posts I have missed because in my blogroll on the right side bar, it shows that you haven’t posted for a month. Your French bread looks great and I’ve never tried it but will have to now. Great job, my friend!

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      Sweet Pam! Since I moved my blog to WordPress, my updates won’t be showing on your blogroll :( The best way to stay updates is by signing up to e-mail updates, here on my new site. I truly appreciate it! Always happy to have you here, my friend! xo

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    That is looks delish, I love french bread and easy homemade french bread sounds even better. the best part about making bread at home is your house smelling like a bakery :)

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    Amazing bread Anna!! I love french bread and I can actually make an entire dinner of bread and butter (something I have done in my single days).

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    Looks delicious! But that picture is almost cruel, because we ran out of bread at our house today. I guess I’ll just have to make some of this!! :D