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Easy Ricotta Gnocchi Recipe

Making gnocchi from scratch calls for 5 simple ingredients and takes less than 30 minutes! These pillow-soft gnocchi can be serve many different ways. They can be frozen for later too!


- ricotta cheese - eggs - Parmesan cheese - olive oil - flour

How to make  Ricotta Gnocchi from scratch?

- Mix ricotta and eggs. - Add Parmesan and oil and stir in.

- Add flour in 3 parts - Don't overmix. The dough should be soft. - Place on well floured surface.

- Shape into a disk. - Slice into logs. - Cut into small pieces to make gnocchi. - Cook in boiling water.

- Serve gnocchi fried in butter with fresh sage, with marinara sauce, Alfredo sauce, in soups and casseroles.  - You can freeze it too!

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