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Quick and Easy  Broccoli  Pasta

This Broccoli Pasta is a big hit with kids and adults! Simple, easy to make which makes is a perfect option for busy weekdays. Serve with generouse sprinkle of Parmesan and enjoy!

How to make Broccoli Pasta? - Cook pasta in salted water. Reserve pasta water. - Add broccoli during the last few minutes.

- Saute garlic and onion. - Chop broccoli and add to vegetables in the skillet.

- Add cooked pasta and reserved pasta water.  - Add Parmesan and more pasta water if needed.  - Stir everything together. - Season and serve!

Make it even more tasty! - Add lemon to brighten the flavors! - Add crushed red peppers for a little bit of heat! - Add chicken or shrimp!