M&M Chocolate Cookie Bars Recipe

M&M Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars Recipe – soft and chewy cookie bars packed with gooey chocolate and bright and colorful M&Ms! All done in under 30 minutes! 

cookie bars 5 M&M Chocolate Cookie Bars Recipe

We are smack down in the middle of winter and the winter blues are starting to get us big time. We finally got some serious snow fall the other day. The kids can make snowmen and have snowball fights. But this cloudy, cold weather makes me crave color! Yes, color! I find that color is a great therapy for the seasonal blues. I just ordered a very bright throw pillow for our bedroom to add a pop of color, I bought a bright red lipstick and nail polish and made cookie bars with bright M&M’s!

A plateful of these soft and chewy bars is sure to make you smile!

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Queso Mac and Cheese with Bacon Recipe

Queso Mac and Cheese with Bacon – cheesy macaroni baked in creamy, spicy queso sauce with bacon. Cheese lovers – this one is for you! 

queso mac 11 Queso Mac and Cheese with Bacon Recipe

Today is Cheese Lover’s Day and we are celebrating with cheesy mac with creamy queso sauce and bacon. Perfect for this time of year when we are all craving comfort food. This queso mac is great for a game day party to keep your guests happy. Besides, who can ever say no to queso and bacon?

We are huge cheese lovers here and if you visited our blog before, you know that. I will take any chance to play with cheese in my kitchen and my family loves the results. Gooey, melty cheese always makes me swoon! Add spicy queso and bacon and you have an instant winner!

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Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken Recipe

Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken Recipe - one of the easiest crock pot meals you can make! Chicken thighs or breasts cooked in teriyaki sauce and served over rice. A ton of flavor with minimal prep. You will love this dinner idea! 

teriyaki chicken 3 Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken Recipe

Sometimes the best meals are quick and easy. These days I definitely need quick and easy. We are taking things further in the Crunchy Creamy Sweet family and expanding to VIDEOS! Yes, you can now watch us cook and bake so you know exactly how it all goes together. Making videos is a whole another beast that we are learning and it made us super busy. Besides, it’s winter, kids are crazy and days are short. Slow cooker comfort food to the rescue!

If you are a visual learner or simply enjoy watching cooking videos – you will love our new YouTube channel! We are working hard to shoot videos for our readers’ favorites but soon every new recipe will come with a video. YAY! We are really excited for this new adventure and hope you will join us!

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But back to this teriyaki chicken. This dish saves my busy, no wait, HECTIC days. I love my slow cooker and the fact that I can simply throw ingredients together and let them cook and be ready by dinner is fabulous! The comforting, drool-inducing smell that spreads through the house is a bonus.

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