Lemon Raspberry Ombre Layer Cake

Lemon Raspberry Ombre Layer Cake – gorgeous tiered layer cake with ombre frosting and fresh flowers. Easy yet impressive and perfect for any special occasion. 

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Let’s make a cake! Not just any cake. A layer cake with ombre frosting. And while we are at it, let’s make it tiered. Because why not! It’s Spring and celebrating special occasions of the season require a cake that you can be proud of. I had many conversations with you guys about baking and how therapeutic it is and how much joy it brings not only to us, the bakers, but also to those who we share it with.

I am here to tell you that with a good plan and good tools you can make an impressive tiered layer cake that you will be proud of and everyone will swoon over.

This Lemon Raspberry layer cake is made of my favorite lemon cake that’s moist and melts in your mouth, a raspberry preserves filling, sweet vanilla frosting, layered in shades of pink and yellow to create the ombre effect and finally, dressed up with pink carnations and yellow mini roses.

NEW cake 1 1 Lemon Raspberry Ombre Layer Cake

When it comes to decorating layer cakes, especially tiered layer cakes, good tools are a must. It’s the kind of project where if you make a mistake, it’s hard to scrape it off and start over. It is super helpful to have a plan before you even bake your cake. Have a vision of the final product (colors, shape, layout, decorations). Because it’s Spring – I dove into fresh flavors, pastels and fresh flowers. Drawing inspiration from the season is something I do very often when it comes to layer cakes. Unless I am making a birthday cake in which case it’s the personality that I will focus on.

The good tools in this case were the Cake Boss cake pans (I absolutely love them!) that helped me bake perfect layers, the piping bags and tips that I used to pipe the frosting with, the spatulas to smooth it all out into the ombre design and the turntable that also serves as a cake stand. That’s what helped me the most to create the swirl of frosting on top of my cake. You can stop there or do what I did and add fresh flowers. I am still swooning over the pink blush carnations and yellow mini roses. So pretty!

This cake took me a good two days to make. It is not the kind of cake that you can whip up for unexpected guests, that’s for sure. You have to bake the layers, cool them completely then wrap and chill. It makes the layering and decorating much easier. When your cake is chilled, you need to apply  a thin layer of crumb coating and let that set as well. After that your cake is ready for the final layers of colored frosting and decorating. It is good to keep in mind the time frame and plan accordingly. The final result is worth the work.

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For the Lemon Raspberry Cake Recipe, please visit Cake Boss website HERE.


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