Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake Bars

Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake Bars – creamy cheesecake bars with raspberry pie filling swirl. Sweet, creamy and delicious! 

Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake Bars crunchycreamysweet.com  Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake Bars

I have yet to make cheesecake bars that do not make me weak in my knees on the first bite. And the next one. And the next one.

The creaminess of cheesecake always gets me. You can always make it fit your mood. You want plain – classic vanilla will make you sing. Extra sweet – add chocolate and drizzle with caramel. Want to celebrate warm seasons – choose your favorite fruit combo and swirl it all together. And then there was that one time when I stuffed cookies with it. It’s my go-to special occasion dessert and the fact that you can make it no-bake – makes it the best dessert in my book.

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60+ Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes

Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes Round Up- over 60 recipes from your favorite food bloggers! We are here to help you make Mother’s Day delicious! 

60 Mothers Day Brunch Recipes 547x1024 60+ Mothers Day Brunch Recipes

Mother’s Day is this weekend! There will be lots of hugs given and lots of thank you’s said. Lots of smiles and lots of love! And that’s all moms really want. BUT! A little bit of sweetness, a dash of savory and a gorgeous drink will make for a beautiful brunch that any mom will love on her day.

Here are over 60 recipes from your favorite food bloggers to help you create one fabulous Mother’s Day brunch:

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Mini Pancake Muffins

Mini Pancake Muffins – soft and fluffy mini muffins that taste just like pancakes! So go ahead, bake the pancake batter with your favorite toppings for this fun on-the-go breakfast! 

Mini Pancake Muffins fun grab and go muffins that taste just like pancakes Topped with fruit chunks or chocolate chips make for a perfect breakfast on the go Mini Pancake Muffins

We are breaking the rules today. We are making pancakes but in half the time and all of them at once! HA! How about that for a twist?

But what a fun twist it is. My kids were speechless and right afterwards giggling with excitement and impatiently awaiting the muffins to be done.

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