Chocolate Covered Cake Bunnies Recipe

Chocolate Covered Cake Bunnies – adorable Easter treats that are super easy to make! Delicious lemon cake in shape of bunnies covered in white chocolate – you will love these!

Chocolate Covered Cake Bunnies Chocolate Covered Cake Bunnies Recipe

I got crafty again.

I made Easter bunnies from a lemon sheet cake and covered them in white chocolate. Then I stuck a flower bead on their…. well, bottom.

My kids love them and now I have to make them again for Easter.

Besides, these little creatures are so easy and so adorable that it’s hard not to swoon over them! icon smile Chocolate Covered Cake Bunnies Recipe

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Lemon Bundt Cake

lemon bundt cake 1 Lemon Bundt Cake

I suggest you pull out the eggs and butter and let them sit on your counter because by the time you are done reading this post (yes, I am assuming you actually read my posts ;)) you will need your ingredients at room temperature to make this cake. Because you will want to make this cake. I am telling you right now. It is that good!

And then make sure you remember to make it for Easter. With it’s fresh lemony flavor and gorgeous appearance it is sure to be a star on your holiday table.

Case in point.

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Hot Cross Buns

April+133a Hot Cross Buns

This year was the first time I tried my hand in making hot cross buns.

I saw the on the Pioneer Woman’s website and boy, where they calling my name! icon smile Hot Cross Buns

More like screaming: “ Make me! “

So I did.

I am so weak when it comes to homebaked breads and buns….

Aaaanyways, the dough is so easy to put together. You can bake the buns the same day or refrigerate and bake when you are ready. I did both.

You are asking, where is the frosting cross?

Well, I ditch it.


The buns were so good spread with butter that I decided not to make the frosting. Besides, I made a frosting slathered cake for Easter ( post coming up ) so I really didn’t miss it.

April+174a Hot Cross Buns

I hope you will try Ree’s recipe. She has a picture-loaded tutorial on making these.

You will love it!

Few more things:

1. I did a little Spring cleaning. Here on the blog. Whatcha think? Yeah or meah?

2. There is still time to enter the giveaway for the dessert decorator pro. Please, enter through rafflecopter.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend! We sure did. Lots of great food and fabulous desserts. Easter egg hunt was a success and there is really not that much of fake grass to clean up.

I will be back with a delicious and deviliciously addicting cake recipe. So stay tuned!


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