Cranberry Orange Cheesecake

Cranberry Orange Cheesecake – sweet and creamy orange cheesecake baked to perfection, topped with gorgeous cranberry sauce. This cheesecake is perfect finish to your Christmas dinner!

Orange Cheesecake with Cranberry Topping Cranberry Orange Cheesecake

Looking at the recent recipes I shared here, can you tell already that I absolutely love cranberries? Because I do!

Fresh, dried – love them all. I love them baked into a sweet bread, a bundt cake, baked into cookies or simply placed on top of them. I paired them with white chocolate and dark chocolate. I also turned them into a jam and a smoothie.

At the beginning of November, I clear out almost half of my freezer just so I can fill it with bags of cranberries. I always try to stock up for the whole year.

This year I paired them with my favorite dessert – a cheesecake.

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Orange Cranberry Chocolate Cake

Orange Cranberry Chocolate Cake – easy chocolate cake packed with my favorite fruits of the season: cranberries and orange! This dairy-free, vegan cake will easily become your favorite!

Orange Cranberry Chocolate Cake Orange Cranberry Chocolate Cake

It’s not secret that cranberries and oranges go together like peanut butter and jelly. They are made for each other! But have you tried to throw chocolate into the mix? I did and created one of my favorite cakes of late!

Enter Orange Cranberry Chocolate Cake.

I used my very favorite chocolate cake (egg-free, dairy-free) and added fresh cranberries and orange. This cake blew my mind!

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The Best Apple Crumb Cake

The Best Apple Crumb Cake – the apple crumb cake of your dreams! With tons of apples and the best crumb topping ever!

The apple crumb cake of your dreams With tons of apples and the best crumb topping ever 682x1024 The Best Apple Crumb Cake

What is the best part of a crumb cake?

Crumb topping! I know you agree, because you told me so! One of the most popular and most loved recipes on my blog is my Coffee Cake Muffins. All because of the crumb topping! You left comments and messages that it’s your favorite part and I couldn’t agree more. So often you have a crumb cake and just wish there was less cake in it and more (much, much more!) of the crumb topping.

I set out to make it all happen! My goal: make a crumb cake with good amount of cake but the best amount of crumb topping. The BEST crumb cake in the world!

Result: mission accomplished!

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