Bakery Style Double Chocolate Muffins {with Greek yogurt} #chocolateparty

bakery style muffins B 680x1024 Bakery Style Double Chocolate Muffins {with Greek yogurt} #chocolateparty

You know what cold Winter mornings require? A huge mug of freshly brewed coffee. With cream. And you know what else? A chocolate muffin.

And not any chocolate muffin.

A Double chocolate muffin. Bakery style!

High tops, chunky and absolutely delicious.

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Biscoff Oatmeal Sandwich Cookies

biscoff oatmeal cookies 1a 679x1024 Biscoff Oatmeal Sandwich Cookies

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This is what happens when you get 8 jars of Biscoff cookie spread and you are determined to use it in baking and not only spoon it straight to your mouth.

Seriously. Does anyone actually spread it over bagels? Or toast? Am I the only one that has a special “for my Biscoff only” spoon? Practically tied to the jar? Oh well, maybe its just me, huh?

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One Hour Skillet Focaccia

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skillet focaccia 7a 679x1024 One Hour Skillet Focaccia

Since I received the beautiful Le Creuset cast iron skillet in Quince, I have been researching skillet recipes for baked goods. I honestly had no idea there is so many of them! Cakes, breads, cornbreads, rolls. So many to make!

This one is our favorite of late, I have made it every day for the last week and a half and I love it! It’s super easy to make even though it requires yeast. I actually timed it and you can make this baby in 1 hour flat. Twenty minutes ( or less if you don’t have a toddler icon smile One Hour Skillet Focaccia ) to prep, 20 minutes to let the dough rise in the pan and 20 minutes to bake.

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Reader Appreciation Day and a KINDLE FIRE GIVEAWAY!!!

giveaway pic 2 Reader Appreciation Day and a KINDLE FIRE GIVEAWAY!!!

 I have been working for few months to bring you this fun giveaway! And it’s finally here!! And it’s all because of you, my dearest readers! You made it all possible. And I want to say THANK YOU!!. Thank you for all the comments and emails, for visiting my site and for letting it grow. My following has tripled in the last couple months and I love to see all of the new faces here on Crunchy Creamy Sweet and adore all of you that have been here with me for awhile!

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eclairs 1c Eclairs

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I am currently in a photo contest hosted by Le Creuset and Williams-Sonoma in celebration of the Quince Collection. It’s the newest addition to Le Creuset cookware family. You can read more about it here, on my previous post. I would love for you to like my photo on Williams-Sonoma Pinterest board. It’s the first one in the first row. icon smile Eclairs THANK YOU!!


Have you ever tried to make French pastry at home? Like the kind you buy in a bakery or better yet – a real patisserie? Sounds like a challenge, doesn’t it. Add creamy filling and melted chocolate and it’s the kind of a challenge I like to take on. Especially if the idea comes from my Husband. icon smile Eclairs He requested these as a “fancy breakfast treat to go with my coffee”. He knows my weak spots. icon smile Eclairs

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Strawberry Shortcakes

shortcakes 14 680x1024 Strawberry Shortcakes

Apparently Mother Nature doesn’t like my idea of Spring Fever. We woke up to over 10 inches of snow. It unabashedly crept up on us last night. The kids are happy and have huge plans for making a snowman this afternoon, but to me it means being stuck in the house for at least three days. With three little kids. With cabin fever. You do get where I am going with this, right? icon smile Strawberry Shortcakes

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Food Photography, a Contest and a Skillet Cake

skillet cake 1 Food Photography, a Contest and a Skillet Cake

Since I started this blog, I developed a passion for food photography. I never expected it, yet it happened. I constantly find myself browsing my Food Styling and Photography board on Pinterest. The web is full of beautiful pictures and inspirations. I have quite a few books on the subject. Mind you, I have lots to learn but I think I am starting to develop my own style. Darker, moody shots always draw my attention.

When I received an invitation to participate in Williams-Sonoma & Le Creuset Photo Contest, I was ecstatic! The contest is a way to celebrate the newest addition to the Le Creuset family: The Quince Collection which is exclusively available in Williams-Sonoma. Just look at this beauty! This lovely subtle, buttery yellow shade is the new color of Le Creuset cookware and it’s called Quince. Don’t you just love the name? It was very inspirational for me. You would think the actual food is what I would set the photo around. But this time I focused on the skillet. Rustic and comfort came to mind.

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pixel Food Photography, a Contest and a Skillet Cake