Double Chocolate Breakfast Cookies with Zing

breakfast cookies 21 Double Chocolate Breakfast Cookies with Zing

What is your stand on chocolate for breakfast? How about double chocolate? And what if we add some oatmeal and cheerios and turn it all into cookies?

Double Chocolate Breakfast Cookies. With zing. As in citrus zest stirred into the dough. This cookies will wake up your taste buds and make you dance!

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Grapefruit Mini Bundt Cakes

mini bundt cakes Grapefruit Mini Bundt Cakes

I probably should explain myself and the lack of posts in the past week. I apologize for the silence. Things have been pretty busy behind the scenes, here at Crunchy Creamy Sweet. New projects and fun events are being planned. Lots of great recipes and surprises coming your way, so stay tuned. icon smile Grapefruit Mini Bundt Cakes

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Glazed Brown Butter Blondies

Join us for the Valentine’s Day extravaganza with lots of delicious recipes  and Giveaways!!

brown butter blondies 1b Glazed Brown Butter Blondies

I finally did it. I made the best blondie recipe ever. EVER. Chewy, dense, melt in your mouth and with brown butter through and through.

I give you Brown Butter Blondies.

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Hot Chocolate Bread Pudding

bread pudding 2a Hot Chocolate Bread Pudding

 I think you can detect a pattern here on Crunchy Creamy Sweet this month. I am tempting you with indulgent drinks and hearty breakfasts. Apparently we are all taking a break from cookies and cakes and chugging down green smoothies. I may or may not have just made a cake that I can’t wait to share with all of you but I may or may not want to be responsible for you dropping your diets.

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