Cranberry Bliss Bars with Coconut

Popular Starbucks bars copycat – these Cranberry Bliss Bars are even better with the addition of coconut!

bliss bars 2a Cranberry Bliss Bars with Coconut

When it comes to cranberries and chocolate combo I have no strong will. Not a bit. I won’t even try to resist it. It’s a real mission impossible. And you know what? I don’t mind a bit! icon smile Cranberry Bliss Bars with Coconut

Here is my defense.

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Tuesday Things and Links

1. Winter issue of Sweet Paul Magazine is out! I love this magazine. If you’ve never seen it, you are seriously missing out. Gorgeous photography, delicious recipes, lots of inspiration for holidays. Go, check it out!

2. I am constantly looking for pretty and unique dishes and plates. Etsy is a wonderful source of handmade pottery. These ceramic dinner plates from Christiane Sutherland are gorgeous!

plates 2 1024x685 Tuesday Things and Links

I especially love the turquoise ones. Swoon! But then I am partial to anything turquoise. icon smile Tuesday Things and Links

plates 1 1024x685 Tuesday Things and Links

2. Just recently, I discovered Spotify and LOVE it!! It’s on. Like… all.the.time.

3. Adele’s 21 album is one of my favorites.

5. French country style is one of my favorite when it comes to home decor. How adorable is this French tray from Funkie Finds on Etsy?

french tray Tuesday Things and Links


What are your favorites this week?



Weekend Wrap-Up

weekend wrap up thanksgiving Weekend Wrap Up

Previosuly, on CCS:

Chocolate Pear Pie - delicious pear filling in the best chocolate crust ever!

Brownie Cookies – your favorite brownies in a cookie form. Because cookies rule this month!

Tuesday Things and Links – my favorites this week.

Chocolate Chunk Scones – made with coffee creamer, baked into fluffy and scrumptious wedges.

Happy Thanksgiving – my thanks and wishes to you!

Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Cake – a good -for-you treat for this holiday season.


Have a fabulous Sunday!



Happy Thanksgiving!

pumpkins Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

There is a lot we are thankful for this year. The big things: our love, health, home. And the small things: first steps, first words, evenings of catching our oldest daughter reading a book to her sister, sunny days in the park, playing ball with Daddy, baking cookies with Mommy, throwing leaves up in the air…. There is so much to be grateful for.

And then there is this little blog that became a big part of our life. It brought friendships, inspiration and opportunities we wouldn’t get without it. So I would like to take time and say thank you.

Thank you to you, my sweet readers. Your comments, e-mails and messages saying that you tried my recipes and enjoyed them, that they brought some sweetness to your life – they make my days!! I have so much fun playing in the kitchen and baking up treats that I can later share on this blog. Thank you for supporting me, even if I take brakes once in a while due to life happenings. icon smile Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for reading, commenting, inspiring me.


Have a wonderful, delicious and sweet Thanksgiving!!




pixel Happy Thanksgiving!