BB Monday: New Classic Brownies

classic brownies 1 BB Monday: New Classic Brownies

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? Are the trees changing in your neck of the woods?

We had a very special weekend. You see, every year on the first Sunday of October we celebrate Family Day. My Hubby and I started this tradition the year our first daughter was born. It’s been 6 years now and our family has grown to five!

This day is about wearing comfy pj’s, carving pumpkins, roasting a big chicken and making our favorite fall dishes. We get into the holiday season mood. icon smile BB Monday: New Classic Brownies

We also make a list of goals for the next year and check the ones from the last year. It takes the pressure of the New Year’s resolution making. icon smile BB Monday: New Classic Brownies

Our Family Day is a stay-cozy-and-have-family-fun day and we love it!

classic brownies 2 BB Monday: New Classic Brownies

So, let’s get to the brownies, shall we? Don’t they just stare deliciously at you from these pictures? icon smile BB Monday: New Classic Brownies I just like to tempt you guys like this.

There is no one word to sum up these babies, besides FUDGY. Absolutely melt-in-your-mouth heaven for any brownie or chocolate lover.

This recipe got rave reviews all over the web. Matt loves them, Naomi paired them with caramel and Nicole calles them perfect.

The author of the recipe is Alice Medrich after all and you can find it in her book “Cookies and Brownies”. So if you call yourself a brownie lover or a chocolate addict – you need to try these! They are sooooo worth it!

Yields 16 2"x2" squares

New Classic Brownies

New Classic Brownies - you have to try them! Everything you want in a brownie and more! Original recipe Alice Medrich via New York Times.

20 minPrep Time

20 minCook Time

40 minTotal Time

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  • 8 Tbsp ( 4 oz. ) unsalted butter
  • 4 oz. unsweetened chocolate ( I used red w@ne dark chocolate, Ghirardelli's Intense Dark Chocolate Cabernet Matinee )
  • 1 1/4 c granulated sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla ( I substituted red wine for it )
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 2 eggs, room temperature
  • 1/2 c all-purpose flour


  1. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees F.
  2. Line a 8"x8" METAL baking an with aluminum foil or parchment paper.
  3. In a double boiler, place chocolate and butter and melt until just few pieces of chocolate are visible. Take off the heat and whisk until smooth.
  4. Add sugar and whisk well.
  5. Add vanilla and whisk again.
  6. Add eggs, one at a time, whisking well after each addition.
  7. Add flour and fold it in with a spatula.
  8. Whisk the batter for 1 minutes with a wire whisk or use a stand mixer. Whisk until the batter starts to pull away from the sides of the bowl.
  9. Pour the brownie goodness into prepared pan and smooth the top out.
  10. Bake for 20 minutes.
  11. In the meantime, prepare ice bath. Fill your sink with cold water with ice cubes so it comes up to 1 inch or fill a large roasting pan the same way.
  12. After the 20 minutes, remove the pan from oven and place in water bat, making sure not to splash any water onto your brownies. Let cool completely.
  13. Cut into squares and enjoy!


I substituted red wine for vanilla extract and used red wine dark chocolate. The flavor was amazing! Highly recommended!!

I slightly adapted the recipe from The New York Times.

Few notes on this recipe:

- You must use a METAL pan for this recipe or the glass one will break as soon as you place it in the ice bath.

- The ice bath prevents the brownies from further baking and preserves the gooey center.

- My substitutions are highly recommended if you like red w@ne. If you are interested in pairing chocolate with w@ne and food, check out my post about our getaway for two!

- The better chocolate you use the better the experience.

So how was your weekend?




  1. CrunchyCreamySw says

    Yes, I would say these are better. They are more fudgy and the top is not as overwhelmingly crunchy as in the other brownies. They are super gooey, especially if you eat them while still slightly warm!

  2. Jacqueline says

    This is the best brownie recipe I’ve ever tried!!! I did cut the sugar, since I tend to prefer things less sweet. Instead of a double boiler, I put my Kitchenaid mixing bowl into a pan of water in order to save a dish for melting the butter and chocolate. I only bake with glass, but I’ve never had a problem with a dish breaking. I let it sit a minute after taking it out of the oven, then put it in a cold water bath instead of ice. Oh,and I don’t like using parchment paper, so I greased and floured. Worked fine!

    Thanks for sharing this recipe!!

  3. justonecookbook says

    Hi Anna! I love your family day idea and I need to save a day. Sounds like a great tradition for the first get together as a family.. :)

    These fudgy brownies sounds really good! It’s going to be very tough to put these down!

  4. says

    This is sort of the ratio I use for my brownies, I do 1.5 c butter, 2 c sugar, 8 oz choc, 1 c flour., 2 tbsp coffee optional. Bake in 9×9 for 25 mins. Done. Fudgy, perfect. Ive never felt the need for an ice bath…now you have me wondering what that does to the batter/brownies…hmmm, interesting! Your brownies look PERFECT so clearly it all works!

    • CrunchyCreamySw says

      Apparently it stops the baking process and makes them super fudgy. And these were just that! I am really looking forward to trying your recipe. Sounds great! Thank you for sharing, Averie!

  5. Anne@FromMySweetHeart says

    Oh these brownies look fabulous! I prefer fudgy over cakey any day! And I love your family day tradition. I’ll welcome any opportunity to eat brownies in my jammies! : )

  6. Jessica_AKitchenAddiction says

    What a great tradition! You are making so many wonderful memories for your children!

  7. Minnie Gupta says

    I am not ready for cold either. It’s showing 59 here today and it’s drizzly, cold and miserable. I would LOVE some of that warm brownie. Your desserts are sensational. But where do you store all those calories? They definitely don’t show up on you :D I wish I was that lucky.

  8. says

    Hi, Anna! I think we are on the same schedule? I have 3 kids all under the age of 5 this year! In January, my eldest turns 6 and my youngest turns 1! It’s a crazy household, but I love it (most of the time, hehehe!) The family day is a nice tradition! We should start one, too, and not always be on-the-go with chores, etc. We do have a nice little tradition, too: family hugs :) hehehe…

    • CrunchyCreamySw says

      Hi Jen! We should have play date and let the kiddos go crazy while we enjoy these brownies! Yay to crazy households! ;)

  9. says

    Good to have the notes (i.e. no glass pan)…but the pictures are just pure food porn.
    My weekend was very good and chilly. The weather went from 80 on Saturday to 64 on Sunday (I could have used a brownie to help me cope) :)

    • CrunchyCreamySw says

      We had the same change in temperature. I am not ready for cold!! Thank you, Rachel!

  10. Paula @ Vintage Kitchen says

    A wonderful recipe for a wonderful family tradition! I love flavoring with booze!

  11. Anna @ Hidden Ponies says

    We are on the same page adding red wine to our chocolate brownies – can’t go wrong there!! Love the family day – we have an official “Family Day” long weekend in most of Canada, I think it’s such a great name for a holiday!

  12. Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipe says

    Your Family Day sounds lovely! What a great tradition. And these fudgy brownies? I’m drooling!

  13. says

    Hi Anna, what a lovely tradition! It sounds like the perfect day – jammies, family, pumpkins – I love it all! What a wonderful tradition for your children : )
    These brownies also look delicious! Chocolate heaven!!!
    Danielle xo

  14. Maggie @ Vittles and Bits says

    Yum these look awesome! I also love your tradition, so fun! Fall is a great time for Family Day :)

  15. Terry says

    red wine chocolate – sounds yummy. like the idea of subbing red wine for the vanilla too. pinning.

  16. curryandcomfort says

    I love this post… first things first, it’s about…. BROWNIES!! They look so good! Second I love your family day!! It sounds so fun and special!! What wonderful childhood memories for your kids. Well done to your hubby for thinking of it and for you making it so scrumptious.

    PS.. your photo is really great. Love the back lighting. :)