Tuesday Links and Things

1. The Sweetest Day was on Friday, October 20th. Did you make a treat for someone special?

2. Cafe Collection in Flame from Le Creuset.

Flame cafe Tuesday Links and Things

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Everything: the spoons, the mugs, the French press. I will take it all and call it my precious!

3. A very interesting and thought-provoking post from Jen at Savory Simple. I thought about writing about this subject many times but just didn’t have the guts to do it. What do you think about it?

4. I loved all the pictures on Instagram and Twitter shared by the DailyBuzz Food Fest attendees.

5. Resaro Muffin Pan from Anthropologie.

 Tuesday Links and Things

So adorable!

6. One of the many reasons I love fall is that I get to wear my scarves. Like this one from Ruche.

22943 Tuesday Links and Things

What are your favorites this week? Do you read every post on every blog you follow? Do you wear scarves?



BB Monday: Thomas Keller’s Brownies

kellers brownies 1 BB Monday: Thomas Kellers Brownies

How was your weekend? Did you relax or attended a party ? Cooked at home or went out to eat? Did you read a book? Did you watch Revenge? Did you happen to stalk the DailyBuzz Food Fest attendees on Twitter? They had a great time, judging on the photos everyone shared.

I made brownies. Actually, I did quite a bit of baking this weekend. I have lots of treats to share with all of you soon! So stay tuned.

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Autumn Granola

granola 2 a Autumn Granola

I got lost in the chocolate and wine land… And then my Hubby and I took off to Maui. Sun, sand, blue skies, flip flops… Oh yeah… And by the way, I totally want this suitcase to show up in my closet. icon smile Autumn Granola Now that’s traveling in style!

Okay. Okay.

My computer situation is not fully resolved yet and I had to take a little break. Although my dream version of the reason for my MIA sounds much better. icon smile Autumn Granola

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