Tuesday Things and Links

1. Kitchen timer that looks like a camera lens. Jaw-dropping and brilliant! It’s $14 plus shipping. Just a warning – this is one of MANY cool items you will find on Photojojo store.
kitchen camera lens timer 0b20 Tuesday Things and Links

Buy the The f/60 Lens Kitchen Timer at the Photojojo Store!

2. Anyone seen fall? Oregon? How is the weather up there? 96 degrees for September in Kansas is just outrageous!

3. I made this in hopes of bringing the fall to Midwest. It did, if only a little bit and only in my kitchen.

4. I can’t wait for this movie to be in theaters. I am literally more excited than my kids! And so is my Hubby.

5. Need any ideas for football season? How about 135 recipes? From dips, to breads to sweet treats. Thank you, Jessica!

6. Love these necklaces from Shabby Apple. I’ll take the green one.

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Source: shabbyapple.com via Anna on Pinterest




  1. says

    oh my gosh, I’d never seen that trailer before–SUPER CUTE! I’m already in the mood for Halloween :)
    And I agree, I love that green necklace too! Classic and trendy at the same time!

  2. says

    Love the kitchen timer and the necklaces! Waiting for some cooler weather to come our way. Hope it stays cool for a long time… like until Christmas. Then it can get a little colder. :)