Cocoa Muffins

cocoa muffins 1 Cocoa Muffins

When your child turns 6 years old, you suddenly realize a few things:

1. they start to remember things for the rest of their life

2. they can put 2 and 2 together, and I am not talking math here

3. they want to know if superheros are real

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Easy Cheesy Fries

cheesy fries Easy Cheesy Fries

Sometimes I feel like I’m the last one to the party.

Evidence one: Biscoff. I got to grace my taste buds with it’s addicting powers a whole year after the blogland exploded with recipes that included this evil spread.

Evidence two: I just learned how to pronounce quinoa the proper way. I also notice it now in my local grocery store.

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Blue Ribbon Challenge { September }: Curd

Blue Ribbon Challenge is a monthly link up with a theme. Every month, participants make the same dish but with their own spin on it. We share our posts on the same day. If you are interested in joining the group, you can do so on Facebook or simply link up next month here on CCS! I am looking forward to have you join the delicious fun.


lime curd 1 Blue Ribbon Challenge { September }: Curd

It’s the last Wednesday of September which means two things.

1. It’s almost October!! Eeek!

2. It’s time for our monthly Blue Ribbon Challenge!

This month just flew by! It feels like we just shared our granitas post! Now Halloween is just around the corner, pumpkins greet you by the door of every store and farmers markets. The trees are changing and mornings are somewhat chilly.

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