Tuesday Things and Links

1. I adore this dress from Shabby Apple. Maybe just partly because it’s called “Pina Colada”. icon smile Tuesday Things and Links

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Source: shabbyapple.com via Anna on Pinterest


2. BlogFrog Influencer Circle – if you are a blogger looking to work with brands and share meaningful content with your readers, join here.

3. Did you know you can separate egg yolk from egg white with a plastic bottle? Jaden from Steamy Kitchen shows you how! PS: Am I the only one swooning over her photo props collection in the background?

4. Happy and beautiful place – Yummy Mummy. You will find me there quite often, perusing the pages or Marina’s gorgeous blog. Don’t be surprised, if you find yourself swooning over her adorable daughters. Come back on Thursday to see what I made after being inspired by her blog!

5. Love this cake stand from Wood Expressions on Etsy.

cake stand wood expressions 1024x785 Tuesday Things and Links

photo courtesy Wood Expressions

And while I am at it, I’ll take this cupcake stand too.

cupcake stand wood expressions 1024x956 Tuesday Things and Links

photo courtesy Wood Expressions

3. Being sick makes you crave soup like never before. This one, this one and this one – on my list.

6. And in case you didn’t see enough “Call Me Maybe” versions, here is one by Cookie Monster. Sesame Street “Share It Maybe” – hilarious!!! You have been warned. icon smile Tuesday Things and Links ( Thank you, Elizabeth from SugarHero for sharing it!! )

7. I hope you will join me tomorrow for our third Blue Ribbon Challenge! We are making GRANITA!! Simply link up your post and vote for your favorite. The winner will be awarded our 1st Place Blue Ribbon Challenge Badge.




  1. says

    I saw someone shared the egg separating on my personal Facebook page but I wasn’t able to watch the video. I’m assuming that they squeezed the bottle to then suck in the egg yolk?

    The wooden stand looks beautiful. I need one of those in my life right now. I love that dark wooden flecked colour. Also, when I view your blog in my reader, it gives me a content summary with a clickable ‘continue reading’, how did you manage to do that? If I do it on FeedBurner, it doesn’t give a clickable link.

    • says

      Yes, that’s exactly right. It’s so funny to see Jaden giggle about it too :) To be honest with you, I don’t remember how I did the clickable but I will check it out and get back to you about it :) PS: My Hubs is the tech expert here. So I might have to ask him :) Thank you, Lisa! xoxo

  2. says

    Love Cookie Monster and the video! I have to check all these sites out, esp, shabby apple. That dress is darling!!! And so is the cupcake stand. All these links and fun, great things is the reason I like to come here! You always have something interesting to say, Anna! Have a great rest of the week!

  3. says

    Hi Anna, love the links u posted, if u like funny clips, check out the batman version of call me maybe on youtube, its hilarious my husband recently had me watch it.

    • says

      Hi Neshanne! It’s fabulous to see you stop by my new site! How are you, my friend? Can’t wait to see what have you been cooking up lately! I am off to check out the batman version – thank you for sharing!! xoxo

  4. says

    I love Shabby Apple and anything in yellow is just fabulous.

    Cupcakes stands? Yes please. I find these to be the most adorable yet somewhat useless item.

    As for #3 I am in complete awe of her collection. I can’t even imagine having so many items…I wouldn’t know where to put it all so that my kids wouldn’t pull them out and play house with them :)

    Happy Tuesday Anna!