Tuesday Things and Links

1. Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes for our daughter! She was totally smitten by your comments. icon smile Tuesday Things and Links

2. National S’Mores Day was Friday, August 10th. We celebrated with S’Mores Krispies Bars. ( click pic for recipe )

smores rk 32 1024x682 Tuesday Things and Links

3. Maria from Two Peas and Their Pod tried my Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough Frozen Yogurt. It’s featured on Tasty Kitchen and her blog.

4. If your child loves to draw, as in you go through so much paper it;s taking over every room in your house, you should check this out. It’s been named 2012 Toy of the Year!

5. My favorite part of the Olympics Closing Ceremony was the Queen part. Until Jessie J showed up… Seriously?

6. Finaly got to see who survived the gas explosion on “Days of Our Lives”.


7. Don’t judge on nr.6. I know you watch it too!

8. I am loving this outfit.

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9. If you love Pinterest, you will love this site. Addicting!

10. This month’s theme for the Blue Ribbon Challenge is… granita! Link up your granita recipe posts on August 29th. Can’t wait to see your submitions!

What was your favorite part of the Closing Ceremony? Did you celebrate the National S’Mores Day?




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    Hi Anna, thanks for all the great links! I must try your chocolate chunk cookie dough FY. It looks SO good! I love that outfit, and I too am guilty of #6! No judgement here! : )

    Danielle xo

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    I’m so sad I missed the s’mores day. I didn’t even realise it was that day until the day was over and too late. Ah well, it’s on my iCal for next year! :)

    The Boogie board looks interesting. I wonder if it’ll make its way across the pond. And I thought the Olympics closing ceremony was holy overkill! It’s not over yet, the paralympics is coming soon. I prefer watching that over the actual games. Those people show some serious courage, strength, and agility after all they’ve been through. But I guess being ill myself, it’s probably something close to *my* heart.

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    Congratulations on being featured on Tasty Kitchen for your Frozen yogurt. I love the outfit… don’t watch Days… was an All My Children Fan for over 25 years (miss it!). Looking forward to checking out the links. Glad your darling daughter had an awesome birthday. :)

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    I was never much of a Days fan…but trust me I won’t judge. I always like to watch All My Children instead.
    Number 8 has me captivated…I LOVE that outfit and must find a way to make it mine :)
    Congrats on the accolades for your smores I knew they were gold medal winners !!!!

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    Those s’mores krispy bars look delish! Number 7 made me snort some coffee out of my nose. Yes, I still keep tabs on what’s happening in Salem. I’ve been watching since the 7th grade, so why stop now?