Peach Sorbet

Peach Sorbet – a three-ingredient frozen treat that’s perfect for summer!
 Peach Sorbet your favorite summer fruit in one refreshing frozen treat Only three ingredients are needed to make it @crunchycreamysw Peach Sorbet
It’s  early morning and the heat index is up.
Up to what feels like 150 gazzilion degrees…
It’s hot…
 My Hubs and I had a quick coffee on the patio – our morning tradition. We could feel the heat coming and for some reason I made hot coffee today, instead of the ice version. Won’t happen again, Sweetie! Till tomorrow, probably…
After baking cookies for CCC Monday, I knew I had to stay away from the oven… So frozen dessert it is.
Sorbet to be exact. Easy to whip up and perfect to fight the heat!
Oh, did I mention it’s made with peaches? I love peaches… When I crave a juicy fruit, it’s always peaches. My chocolate stash becomes envious, because I exclaim: “best thing ever!” and actually enjoy the juice dripping down my hands.
Peach Sorbet sweet peaches turned into one fantastic frozen treat @crunchycreamysw Peach Sorbet
I got all giddy when I saw mounds of them in our local store. My mind was full of ideas! Clafoutis, jam, cupcakes, cake, bars!! Oh my! But hold your horses – the oven is off limits…
So, to enjoy the flavor of fresh and juicy peaches, sorbet seemed the best choice.You get the fruit and cool down with icy treat. Win win!
Peach Sorbet a three ingredient frozen sorbet thats perfect for summer @crunchycreamysw Peach Sorbet
 Note: If your peaches are hard, simply place them in a paper bag and let sit on the counter for a day or two. It will speed up the ripening process.

3 Ingredient Peach Sorbet Recipe @crunchycreamysw Peach Sorbet

For the condensed instructions and full recipe, click HERE.


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Tuesday Links

foodphotography Tuesday Links

Lately, I found myself being totally obsessed with food photography and styling. 
After kiddos go to sleep, I can browse and browse all those gorgeous pictures my favorite food bloggers have on their sites.
Mind you, I have miiiiiiiles to go with my photos and styling. But I am hoping to grow this blog and my skills. After all, playing with food is fun! Doesn’t matter what our moms told us when we were 5. icon smile Tuesday Links
Here is a short list of links that I find very informative and helpful for bloggers like me:

1. This link caught my attention on Foodbuzz. My dear foodie friend, Lizzy, shared it and I immediately bookmarked it. A must-read!
The Ardent Epicure: Food Photography “A Perspective” ( Thank you, Lizzy for sharing this link! icon smile Tuesday Links )
2. Better with Butter covers everything from camera to lighting to props.

3. For those who didn’t make it to BlogHer Food Conference this year, this post is a must-read. Stephanie shares a very interesting and delicious project called “a cake case study” to talk about current styles in food photography.

4. Matt from Wrightfood has a whole series on food photography. You will find yourself bookmarking page after page after page.
                                  Food Photography: Post Production
                                   Food Photography Compact Camera

5. Shawnda from Confections of a Foodie Bride is a genius. I learned so much from her blog, I should probably send her cookies for it. icon smile Tuesday Links You need to check out her site, if not for the photography tips, than for the recipes. Eye-candy for all!

 For more visual inspiration, you can visit my Pinterest board “Food Photography”. I am constantly adding gorgeous pictures to it!
pinterestboard1 Tuesday Links
If you have a link to share about food styling and photography, leave it in comments section.
I would love to see it!

Tomorrow, another frozen treat! Stay tuned. icon smile Tuesday Links

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